Saturday, 17 August 2013

What do we do next ?

Hello Friends ,
How do we move ourselves forward ?
following the Interfaith conference on climate change , Mokshini , the chairwoman of the Brighton Buddhist centre said we will begin undertaking ways to make our community more sustainable in a similar way to what the Quaker meeting are doing. I know that Johnathan from Hove methodist church is also interested in introducing some ideas there , and as he and Mokshini said , it's hard to know where to start but we have to start somewhere .Why dont we undertake this together ?

With fracking in Sussex very much in the news right now , it is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to rethink our energy sources , and to that end I am going to put together an evening at our centre where we launch the idea of switching ourselves and the Buddhist centre over to a green energy supplier , is that something others are interested in bringing to their communities ? Or where would you like to begin ?lets share our inspiration and support eachother to make real changes.

I have several very good documentaries on peak oil and climate change that i am happy to lend if you wanted to show them to your communities , film nights with maybe a shared meal , some discussion space are good ways of drawing people in .I would love to hear your ideas .
Love Sahajatara


  1. Hello there

    We are keen to use our resources at Brighthelm in whatever way we can to promote awareness and positive action on these subjects.

    We should have a new minister starting toward the end of this year who’s remit will be to explore the theology of sustainability from a Christian perspective, and help us put this into practical action in the centre of Brighton.

    Hopefully this will feed into many positive links with the Interfaith Climate Action Group.

    We will be in touch re: dates.



  2. Fracking is a difficult one: does it only exist because we continue to consume more? Quakers are asked to consider what part our own lifestyle plays in the way the world is. Surely we must all look to the part our possessions play in using the world's resources and ask if our need for the latest laptop, the latest smartphone, tablet or toy was really that great.